Splendid Land with 2 acres of Rice Paddy Fields

        It is in history books that Sri Lanka titled as the granary of the east in the past because Sri Lanka was rich enough to export paddy and also had a strong agriculture-based economy. That’s why you can still see rice paddy fields in every part of the island. Other than pristine beaches, Sri Lanka is famous around the world for these lush rice paddy fields that are glowing beside the roads in Sri Lanka. The entire property consists of a 4-acre dry land(where you can have constructions) and 2 acres of rice paddy. The 4 acres((8000 Sqm) of the dry land is a rice paddy peninsular, which is surrounded by beautiful rice paddy fields. There you can find many mature tropical trees like jack, coconut, mango, etc. You won’t find any loud noises when you get into the middle part of the land, making this is a very calm and relaxing atmosphere though it is located beside the main road.


It is a bit rare to buy a land in a suburb inclusive of 2 acres(8000 Sqm) of rice paddy fields, so this may be a limited chance to own this sort of property. The land is ideal for a hotel project like a villa, a boutique hotel, etc. We think this is a golden opportunity that you can’t miss in Sri Lanka.


The location of the property is more prominent as it is only
6 km Ahangama beach,
20 km to Galle Fort,
20 km to Mirissa,
14 km to Unawatuna.


Area = 24 000 m²(6 Acres)

Price:$US$ 400,000 USD

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