Sales of Land and Property

We introduce our clients to reputed lawyers and accountants to assist you in the purchase of your residential or commercial property, and who will give you expert professional advice.

There are two main methods for foreigners to purchase a property in Sri Lanka:

1). Setting up a company, and purchasing the property in the company’s name

2). 99-year lease agreement with the previous owner of the property (property is in your name)


If you wish to construct your own property or renovate an existing property, we will assist you on all the legal and planning requirements.

Holiday Rentals and Lettings

We provide a comprehensive rental and lettings service to our clients who wish to rent their property to tourists.  Please see our dedicated website

Property Management

We provide a comprehensive property management service to those clients who wish to ensure their property is properly maintained during their absence. Please see our dedicated website

Property Renovation and Refurbishment

If you wish to buy a property and renovate it yourself, then we will assist you with planning permission and introduce you to well-established architects, builders and interior designers. Please see our dedicated webpage.

Interior Design

If you wish to furnish your property we can provide a full range of interior design services. Please see our dedicated webpage.