Fabulous Land Commanding Ocean Views



Property Type: Beachfront


This plot is located in the world-famous “Hirikertiya beach, which is also known as the “Horseshoe Bay” because of its unique shape. This palm-fringed curved sandy strip is much famous not only locally but also internationally among surfing enthusiasts. The area is highly developed as a tourist destination in recent years and it’s backed by many eateries, bars, villas, boutique hotels now.

Being one acre in extent, the plot slopes towards a unique rocky beach surrounded by natural boulders. This rocky beach is like a private beach area owing to this property as it the only way of access to this rocky beach. The rest of the plot is covered with beautiful coconut palms. For sandy beach lovers, it’s just a short walk of about 100m to the nearest white sandy beach where you can swim, surf, etc.

The “Hiriketiya” area is getting popular day by day and it’s perfect for anyone who is looking to start a venture in a coastal area.

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