Magnificent Cinnamon Estate in Galle



Property Type: Plantations


Other than splendid beaches, Sri Lanka is much famous for its tea and cinnamon production. Sri Lanka is the only exporter for the best quality cinnamon known as “Ceylon Cinnamon (“Ceylon” was the name that the British used to call our motherland )” or “True Cinnamon”.

So that’s enough of cinnamon, now we are going to introduce you to a magnificent cinnamon estate in Galle.This lush cinnamon cultivation of 39 acres is the largest cinnamon plantation located within a 15-minute drive from the Galle coast. The cinnamon estate is currently producing a harvest of over 15000kg and there is even more space to increase this yield with some more effort and care.

When it comes to the views from the top of this estate, they are mind-blowing. The misty mountain views, lush greenery of the protected forest reserves, rice paddy fields, Gin Ganga river, and much more includes all the picturesque scenes that you love to see in Sri Lanka. There is also a motorable road that can drive to the top of this estate. So there will be less work if you decide to build something on the flat top. We highly endorse that flat area of the estate to build a hotel, as we have enjoyed the views in real life.

The demand for the Sri Lankan cinnamon is increasing rapidly even this year the market price of cinnamon has increased by 30%, compared to the last year. So we think owning this large cinnamon estate will be once in a lifetime investment opportunity that you can’t miss in Sri Lanka.


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