Quintessential Colonial House



Property Type: Colonial Houses
4 Beds 1 Baths 9,030


Set in Ahangama, this colonial house is one of the best properties available in Galle. The property has easy access either via bus, train or a motor car as it is located conveniently within a walking distance from the railway station and the town(You could easily find supermarkets, saloons,gyms,restaurants,bars etc here) located within 1km. And just after a Rs. 100(US$ 0.54) tuk-tuk drive from the property, you will find an enchanting beach where you could swim and surf.

The house boasts British colonial architecture all with fretwork panels, high roofs, Sinhala tiled roof, Sri Lankan soldaraya, etc. The garden won’t second to the exotic house, it is wooded with many mature tropical trees such as coconut, jack, mango, mahogany, a huge bamboo bush, banana, etc. House is positioned in a modest center of the property making the house interior much more serene and peaceful. Flatness and strong soil conditions favor any type of construction on the land.

If you are someone who adores colonial architecture, just make an appointment with us and visit the property. We guarantee that you’ll not regret about it.


Area = 9030 Sqm

Whats nearby

  • Ahangama Railway Station
    1 km
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