Verdant Two Acres Skirted by Paddy Fields



Property Type: Bare Lands


This tropical land hidden in a serene coastal village possesses an extensive extent of 2.7 acres perfect for development. The property is nestled in a peaceful location giving you easy access to two of the most famous beaches, Talpe and Unawatuna. Skirted by a beautiful set of paddy fields rich in greenery gives the best tropical sceneries you can experience in Sri Lanka. The richly and thickly grown vegetation on the property doubles the allure of this amazing piece of land.

All these beautiful landscapes and the peaceful ambience have made the area popularly known as “Happy Valley” specially among the expats living in the area. We highly endorse this property to build your dream holiday home in Sri Lanka.

Whats nearby

  • Talpe Beach
    3.5 km
  • Unawatuna
    4.5 km
  • Pinnaduwa Expresseway Interchange
    9 km
  • Galle Fort
    8 km
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