Why come to Sri Lanka

Clear blue seas, pristine beaches, swaying palm trees, wide open skies, and tropical sunshine, every day of the year. A charming colonial house, full of history, set in lush tropical gardens, cooled by the fresh breeze of the spectacular Indian Ocean. A secluded place, surrounded only by the exotic flowers and trees of the tropics, and where the only sound is the chirping of magnificently coloured birds of paradise. Evenings lit with lanterns, clear night skies filled with shining stars.

Sri Lanka is a land of peace and tranquility, to be enjoyed every day of the year. An opulent seafront villa, where the enchanting sound of the waves on the deserted seashore accompanies beautiful dawns and glorious sunsets, where solitary walks along the clear crystal waters of the sea fill the long, hot days, and where dining on the beach is to be enjoyed, every day of the year. A lavish villa on a hilltop, perfumed with the exquisite scent of cinnamon, where majestic peacocks roam, and the lush green hills stretch far into the distance, a place where peaceful repose is to be enjoyed, every day of the year.

A prestigious mansion, lovingly restored, exquisitely designed, and filled with splendid antiques, a reminder of the sumptuous elegance of a bygone age, where the splendours of Sri Lanka’s colonial past are to be enjoyed, every day of the year. An English bungalow, set high in the cool hill country, where veils of white morning mist rise to reveal vast plantations of tea, where long peaceful walks in woods and forests restore the mind and soul, and where some of the most spectacular train journeys in the world pass through verdant hills and plains, filled with the clean fresh waters of rivers, lakes and waterfalls, where pleasant evenings with friends and loved ones are to be enjoyed, in the cool fresh air of the hills, every day of the year. A luxurious lodge on the edge of one of Sri Lanka’s celebrated national parks, where the great cats of the jungle roam, where brightly coloured birds of paradise fill the wide open skies, where crocodiles fill the lakes and rivers, and where rare and exquisite orchids bloom. Some of the most enthralling places on earth are here, to be enjoyed in Sri Lanka. A land of enticing blue seas, breathtaking scenery, and glorious tranquility.

Why Invest in the Sri Lankan Property Market

The Sri Lankan real estate business is booming. In many parts of the country, particularly in Colombo, Galle, and the leading tourist areas along the southwestern coastline, property prices have increased more than ten-fold since the end of the civil war in 2009. Many properties in the coastal areas close to the southern city of Galle are doubling in value every year. The same trend can also be seen in Galle Fort, now a UNESCO Heritage Site, where the historical fort walls determine the exact boundaries of the site, and where further development is prohibited.

Beachfront lands and properties stretching along the coast from Colombo to Galle and Weligama have seen the highest price increases.

Although prices have also increased considerably along the southern coast going from Weligama to Arugam Bay and Trincomalee on the east coast, the rise has been slightly less compared to properties along the western and southern coasts from Colombo to Galle and Weligama.

While the Sri Lankan economy has been growing at an annual rate of around 7% since 2009, foreign tourist numbers have seen a much higher increase, and are now increasing around 20% per annum.

These highly encouraging trends in the Sri Lankan property market, supported by robust economic domestic growth and significant increases in tourist arrivals, indicate high returns on property investments in the leading commercial and tourist areas of the country.

The long term outlook for Sri Lanka is positive. New government policies aimed at attracting foreign investment and creating a favourable business environment to develop both industry and tourism in the country will most likely lead to further strong growth in the property market. Moreover, Sri Lanka lies at the heart of the Indian Ocean, at the centre of the leading international shipping lanes, and has two major shipping ports at Colombo and Hambantota, together with a deep sea port in Trincomalee. The present government is aiming to boost the role of shipping in the Sri Lankan economy, and this is also a powerful indicator of future growth in GDP.

If you would like to know more about investing in Sri Lanka, and are considering setting up a business in the country, then please click on the link below to discover more about the opportunities available to you.
Board of Investment (BOI)

What Others Say About Sri Lanka

“The island of Ceylon is a small universe; it contains as many variations of culture, scenery, and climate as some countries a dozen times its size. What you get from it depends on what you bring; if you never stray from your hotel bar or the dusty streets of westernized Colombo, you could perish of fulminating boredom in a week, and it would serve you right. But if you are interested in people, history, nature, and art – the things that really matter – you may find, as I have, that a lifetime is not enough.” 

Sir Arthur C. Clarke

“The drive through the town and out to the Galle Face by the seashore, what a dream it was of tropical splendors of bloom and blossom, and Oriental conflagrations of costume! The walking groups of men, women, boys, girls, babies – each individual was a flame, each group a house afire for color. And such stunning colors, such intensely vivid colors, such rich and exquisite minglings and fusings of rainbows and lightnings! And all harmonious, all in perfect taste.”

Mark Twain