Cinnamon Land Overlooking the Madu River





Property ID : SLB-55

This 2-acre cinnamon plantation is located in the famous Ambalangoda. For cinnamon cultivation, Amabalangoda has one of the most favourable climates in the country and that’s why it is said that cinnamon was firstly cultivated in this area. Not only that if we look into details you’ll find that the culture of Amabalangoda is also associated with cinnamon.

You’ll find the way to this small cinnamon plantation through many small and large cinnamon plantations where you can enjoy light green foliages on neither side. Embellishing the beauty of the property the land overlooks the Maadu river and which is an unspoiled water stream that flows through Balapitiya. You can also enjoy beautiful views of protected mangroves on the other shore of the river.

The cinnamon land is 2 acres in extent and is a bit elevated from the ground level but it has a very gentle tilt. The harvest of cinnamon is around 450kg annually but you can increase this harvest up to 850kg. Unlike tea, cinnamon plantations are easy to maintain and your expenses are also less.

You can reach this cinnamon land within 15 minutes from the Amabalangoda town. Electricity and pipe-borne water also could be connected easily.

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