Exotic Villa Close to the Beach in Sri Lanka


Property Type: Villas
1 Beds 1 Baths


Without a shadow of a doubt, it is undeniable that Sri Lanka stands as the veritable epicenter of unparalleled and captivating villas within the expansive landscape of Asian tourism. Whether someone wants to stay at a beachfront villa or a cottage on a rural mountain peak, Sri Lanka has it all. This island is not just your ordinary tourist destination with beautiful landscapes. It’s a world where you can repose while enjoying the heartful hospitality of Sri Lankans, surrounded by turquoise beaches, virgin nature, multifaceted culture, and mouth-watering cuisine.

Situated within the idyllic coastal village of Habaraduwa, just a brief twenty-minute drive from the bustling tourism hub of Galle, lies this enchanting villa. Nestled amidst a plethora of beachfront and inland retreats, Habaraduwa finds itself perfectly positioned between the renowned coastal towns of Talpe and Ahangama, yet retains a serene charm distinctly its own, free from the hustle and bustle of its more populous neighbors.

Tucked away within a quaint natural grove, merely one kilometer from the main highway, this villa is part of an intimate community of similarly charming abodes. A talented local architect has given life to this modern architectural masterpiece with hints of old-world design. The villa has all the quintessential amenities to retreat lavishly. The extent of cosmic bedrooms comprising the property feels like a sub-heaven inside a heaven. The architect has meticulously designed all the living, kitchen, and bathroom spaces to give a feeling of tranquility amidst modernity, where it rarely goes hand in hand. The shared gigantic swimming pool stands in the centre of the villas and always welcomes guests to take a dip without hesitation. We should greatly appreciate the fact that developers have wholeheartedly contributed to building all these artifacts like villas with a minimal impact on nature.

This opportunity is perfect for investors seeking a ready-to-move-in property situated in a prime neighborhood and just a short distance from the beach. With the promising future of hospitality-related real estate in the area and its serene surroundings, unlike congested tourist locales, we believe this villa offers investors the best of both worlds.

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