Grand Colonial House for Sale in Sri Lanka


4 Beds


If you have ever been to Sri Lanka, you must have experienced at least a single sight of a gorgeous colonial house in Sri Lanka. Their beauty requires no adjectives to describe.That’s why every investor who lands in Sri Lanka dreams of owning such a colonial house for sale in Sri Lanka.

With this listing, we’re unveiling a colonial glory hidden in a small suburb near Galle. This colonial house has sheltered a noble family for nearly two centuries. Though the family has moved away from their roots, this house still commands the whole village owing to its august facade and location atop the top of a cliff. The architecture still stands in its original form without defacement to its details. The house is a fine specimen of an ancient assembly of granite and a natural brick called wadurassa, with all the doors and windows fabricated of premium woods like jack, teak, milla, etc., to establish houses of local chieftains. The spacious four bedrooms provide the perfect setting to enjoy old-world charm surrounding a tranquil atmosphere bombarded with natural beauty.

The land extent of 2500 square metres provides abundant space to add modern inclusions like an infinity swimming pool in front of the house overlooking the limitless views. The topical garden enwreathing the majestic colonial house accompanies giant trees with shrubs and flowers that provide shade and serenity to the whole property itself.

The views garnered by the house won’t be second to its glorious architecture. From the balcony, you can witness an endless panorama of all the natural beauties in Sri Lanka. Anybody can spend days, not hours, without getting exhausted by these views of the sea, paddy fields, sierras, wilderness, you name it.

Nestled within a strategic locale, the property boasts an enviable position tailor-made for investment in the thriving tourism sector. Situated a mere fifteen-minute drive from the historic allure of Galle town and the renowned shores of Unawatuna beach, it basks in proximity to coveted destinations, poised to captivate discerning travelers seeking both cultural immersion and coastal splendor.

We believe that this colonial residence possesses the requisite characteristics to serve as an exceptional candidate for a renovation endeavour, aimed at its conversion into a prestigious luxury villa. This proposition embodies a compelling blend of potential profitability and enduring value, positioning it as an irresistible opportunity for discerning investors seeking both lucrative returns and esteemed real estate assets.

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