Enchanting Beachfront Villa in Sri Lanka For Sale


Property Type: Beachfront
2 Beds 2 Baths


The beach and the city of Galle is an eternal love story that has been unfolding for centuries. That makes Galle the home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Sri Lanka. And investors never missed the opportunity to capitalise on the beauty of this beachfront township and have built fantastic hotel developments. World-famous hotels like Fortress, Jetwing Lighthouse, and Sheraton Kosgoda are some of the living proofs of that. Though Galle has the presence of many hotels and villas, we believe that Galle has a long way to stroll in this world of hospitality. For example, if we compare Sri Lanka to a South Asia region tourist destination like Maldives, Sri Lanka is below par in its potential.
With recent advancements in the country, we anticipate a surge in the tourism sector and a subsequent increase in real estate values. This is precisely why we consistently advocate for Galle as an optimal destination for beachfront investments.

This beachfront villa lies on a perfect sanctuary embodying the serenity of nature and the rebelness of the ocean. It extends up to its private beach, away from the hustle and bustle of the road. The wild copses have grown into a natural canopy that provides shade and comfort on this mesmerising land. It resembles Mother Nature’s kindness to provide for its ungrateful children on Earth at its best. Once you walk down this natural aisle, you’ll end up on a beach that brings you sunsets like drawings made by Great Winslow Homer. A stroll along this beach at sunset, stretching for several kilometers, promises to be an unforgettable experience.

The partly built property mounted on the middle of this 1568 Sqm property is an ornament to the land itself. It reminds a blend of colonial and modern architecture with its own unique charm. Floor-to-ceiling windows and the middle courtyard create an airy atmosphere filled with abundant natural light. A buyer can either develop the same structure into his desired architecture or demolish it and build it from scratch. Nevertheless, buying a property with a building will reduce some of the work associated with government approvals.

The centrally located villa offers convenient access to numerous tourist attractions in Galle. Its direct ingress from the Colombo-Galle Highway ensures easy accessibility and facilitates future developments. Situated close to the renowned Hikkaduwa, the villa provides access to a plethora of activities including snorkeling, surfing, and, tantalizing culinary delights.

This exquisite beachfront gem eagerly awaits the discerning investor who recognizes its potential for unparalleled value. With strategic positioning and boundless possibilities, we firmly believe that an investor venturing into the Sri Lankan real estate market at this opportune moment will undoubtedly yield a bountiful harvest of profits in the years to come.

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