Coconut Orchard Close by the Famous Talpe Beach


Property Type: Plantations


A tropical coconut estate would be your ideal place to build a holiday home or a luxury villa in Sri Lanka. And the proximity to the beach is poised to be the the icing on the cake. This verdant land hidden in Talpe, one of the most promising tourist destinations in Galle, is a chance that you can’t miss to boast your parcel of land in Galle. It has all the necessities for a tropical dream come true.

Within reach of a twelve-minute walk from the Talpe Beach and Colombo – Matara highway road, you’ll find this gem shining brightly in olive under the grace of the mighty sun. The land itself is gently flat, setting up a playground for developers. Parapet walls standing on the boundaries of the land set out its gigantic land portion of 4000 square metres ready for development and will keep you away from future borderline issues. Electricity and water are available on site. Acclaimed Galle Fort and the town are within grasp of twenty minutes from this tropical dream.

If you’re a passionate investor seeking a property in Galle, specially close to the beach, we wholeheartedly recommend this particular real estate without any reservations.

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