Luxuriant Hilltop with Breathtaking Ocean Views



Property Type: Rice Paddyfront


We will not hesitate to introduce this property as a property with the finest ocean views on our property list. Nestled in a beautiful coastal village and within 5-minute distance to Talpe and Habaraduwa beaches, the property has excellent location for a hotel project.

You will discern the best-elevated ocean views in Galle for an area extending up to 3 acres out of the total 8 acres of this property. The hill also slopes down to an extensive rice paddy field where you have idyllic rice paddy views and rice paddy breeze in the evening time. And when you walk on the property you will really feel like walking in a tropical rainforest. It’s really like a virgin jungle with large shady mature trees. And glamorous sunsets and sunrise views will be the bonus for the buyer of this property.

For an eco-tourism project, the property will be just perfect.

Whats nearby

  • Beach
    1.2 km
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