Enchanting Cinnamon Isle



Property Type: Plantations


If you are someone, looking for a unique Sri Lankan tropical land located near a beautiful southern beach that has the perpetual embrace of the Ocean Breeze, this should be your ideal property.

This cinnamon island is nestled in a coastal village called Midigama, which is about 1.2km from the beach and the main road. The road paved to the plantation is through luxuriant rice paddy fields that boast the typical Sri Lankan landscapes and sceneries. And not only the roads, the entire property is also encircled by rice paddy fields that double its allure. The property comprises 420 perches in extent and there is a possibility to add extra 40 perches to this land. The top of this small cinnamon estate affords some bare ocean views which is a bonus to the buyer. The owner is having a stable income from cinnamon as there is a very good market for Ceylon cinnamon from all over the World. There is a peeling house near the entrance of the property with electricity and well water.

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