Exalted Land with Breathtaking Views



Property Type: Beachfront


Hiriketiya Bay is on the extreme southern edge of Sri Lanka. It gazes out to the vastness of the Indian Ocean between two headlands that are covered in rocks and palm trees. The area has now been discovered by tourists as a surfers’ paradise because of the Hiriketiya beach favoring surfing and other water sports. This exalted land is located within 550m from this famous Hiriketiya beach. The plot is a typical Sri Lankan coconut grove that goes up to the sea and here it has enormous views of the Indian ocean and pictures perfect sunrises and sunsets.

Currently, Hiriketiya is the most rapidly developing tourist town in down south. With the newly opened Expressway, it will be just a 3-hour drive to Hiriektiya from Katunayake Internation Airport. And the area is eagerly waiting for new hotel ventures.

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