Stupendous Colonial Villa with Panoramic Views of the Koggala Lake



Property Type: Riverfront
2 Beds 7,916


This is a picturesque lakefront cottage conveniently located on the shores of Koggala Lake and within 5 minutes distance to Talpe and Habaraduwa beaches.

Surrounded by two acres of lush land with dozens of fruit trees, the property offers a sense of amazing peace and tranquility. This eco-friendly property with cinnamon, coconut, cashew, mango, and several other indigenous flora welcomes a variety of birds throughout the day; early mornings at the villa are particularly magical.

Inside the villa, you’ll find an artfully decorated veranda with lounge areas and seating offers an ideal setting to take in panoramic views of Koggala Laka. A tasteful pool adjacent to the veranda is a perfect spot to cool down, relax, and indulge in the serene setting of Dansala Cottage.

The villa is a perfect quiet sanctuary tucked away in a serene location of Galle.

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